Overview of Services

EMSRx has a full range of back office EMS supportive services. Click on the individual pages for a full description of service.  

Medical Directors looking for a home

  • Are you a medical director bidding on contracts? Join our team, strengthen your bid, take advantage of the support a medical director needs. We save you money by covering the cost of your EMS Medical Director insurance, and help you achieve the best rates on your bids. 

EMS system needing a medical director

  • EMSRx has the physicians you want supported by a full time dedicated staff. Did we mention you will have access to the 24 hour per day medical director line?

Quality Assurance

  • We know QA is not your favorite, so why not let us handle it for you? Your crews will love the feedback and interaction and you will love the fact that we are reducing error. 
  • You can also utilize the EMS QA software to make your life easier. 


  • Innovative EMS educators help you tie education and QA together like it is supposed to be. See a list of the education offered. ​

Healthcare Marketing

  • So, you have a healthcare service that needs a little kick in revenue generation. Go see our friends at Engage Healthcare Marketing. Don't forget to tell them EMSRx sent you. www.engagehm.com 

Are you still playing around with spreadsheets or the absurdly useless QA built into

your charting software?