QA Software
Purely innovative, EMSRx QA will revolutionize the way your system handles QA. This tool will bring real time performance dashboards based upon  YOUR metrics or Key Performance Indicators. Closed loop quality is assured with our advanced management tools. This software exceeds CAMTS and CAAS standards in quality management. By utilizing the reporting functions, you can produce near instantaneous dash boards and utilization review reports. Reporting can be filtered by the organization, area, base, or individual clinician. The tracking is useful for focused assessments when you need to focus on an individual or problem as well as regular ongoing assessments. 

EMSRx QA has internal messaging to protect all your private information behind the protective walls of peer reviewed QA. With the built-in tools, you will be able to immediately be alerted when problems occur and have fast and trackable feedback from the medical director. Best of all, the system is customizable allowing you to track the information you deem necessary for your organization.

Never let an employee certification or license expire again. Cert-Traq gives you advanced reporting and email alerts to keep all of your employees certifications up to date. Best of all, it is the same login as the other products.


Option A: Our software to make your life easier

We have developed easy to use, customizable, and robust quality management software that can help improve system performance by tracking clinical and operational issues and ensure complete resolution. With our software it is easy to obtain detailed reports of system as well as individual performance.

Option B: Outsource your Quality Management to us and save money

With the downturn in the economy, EMS agencies are looking for ways to save money. EMSRx can manage your quality process at a fraction of the cost you would spend on salaries. You also have the benefit of having highly experienced quality experts working to help your team perform at the highest level possible.