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I'm a physician looking for a strategic partner.

Going it alone is not a great idea. Working with EMSRx can save you thousands of dollars by us covering your Medical Director insurance and differentiating you from the others bidders. Partnering with EMSRx does not cost you money, it makes you money. 

Why partner with EMSRx?

If you are ready to take your EMS systems to the next level then having a partner is going to help you get there. We are a group of professionals on your side to help you deliver the best service to your customers. 

Partnering with EMSRx for your services?

  • Get added on to our Medical Director Insurance policy. This will save you thousands of dollars per year. Many physicians believe their malpractice policy will suffice until they get sued and they find them self having to pay for their own defense. 
  • Access to the Medical Direction line so when you are unavailable one of our other physicians can back you up.
  • Access to a wealth of knowledge to help make the best decisions for your agencies. 
  • A team to back you up and help you establish QA and education programs. 
  • Industry leading QA software that can be added as a differentiator for your bids. 

I'm from an EMS Agency and I want to be cutting edge.

Have you every felt like your medical director isn't on the same team as you and your agency?  Maybe you have even thought to yourself, why are we paying this person?  They are not leading any innovate initiatives? Is the answer to any of the above is yes then it's time to contact us to see what we can do for you. 

Why partner with EMSRx?

If you hire a medical director that is all you get. (Likely, not trained specifically in EMS leadership)
An addition bill for Medical Director insurance. (hopefully they realized their malpractice insurance doesn't cover them)

If you contract medical direction through us?

  • You get a dedicated medical director that you choose. (We provide EMS MD training)
  • The medical director comes insured for their Medical Director duties.
  • Because everyone can get sick or take a vacation. We will supply a backup MD to answer questions.
  • Access to our industry leading & customizable algorithm based protocols.
  • Access to a team of experts in EMS and systems performance.
  • Access to our Quality Management software to help take your high performance EMS system to a new level.